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Friday November 24, 2017

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Rules of Use

All items on this system are by and for you. We are not responsible for any of the items listed here nor subject to any liabilities resulting from transactions involving these items. All items will be posted immediately, but are subject to removal if deemed inappropriate by us.


  • You must be logged in to post items. If you do not have a login, a link is provided on the login screen to sign up.
  • When the Add Item screen is displayed, click on the appropriate button for the type of item you are adding. Once selected, the appropriate fields for that type of item are displayed.
  • Complete the form fields. If you are including a photo (on some items only), click on the Browse button then navigate to and select the .jpg file you want to use.
  • Click the Add Item button at the bottom. Your item has been added to the system.
  • Your item will be listed for 30 days, then automatically deleted.
  • Should you sell your item or wish to remove it for any reason, please delete it yourself. Click on Edit My Items in the top navigation area. All of the items you've submitted will be displayed. Click on the Delete link to remove the item.
  • Should you wish to make any changes to items you've submitted, repeat the above step, but click on the Edit link and the information about this item will be displayed. You can make the changes, then click on the Update This Item button at the bottom.

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