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Sunday December 17, 2017

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" The leaking of water in Dammam reacts with the event quickly before he thinks " @ 8:21 AM EST

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So the forces detect the water spills in plant Riyadh. Know that the body of man is made of sperm and menstrual blood, and they are jouhran, hot and humid, so human beings, as long as they are alive, are warm and humid, and the heat is expressed because of the rise of those steamed parts on that substance. Wilt and decay, so the wise Creator in the remedy of this, in which the power of the gazelle is deposited so that it delivers from the parts of the food instead of those decomposing parts. If I know this, we say the force must be attractive to the food, and the driving force to pay the parts that are not suitable for the body , And then if those parts are valid to serve as the And there is a need for a force to evaluate instead of those decomposing parts, and this action is done by three things, one of which is to supply those parts of food on the jewels of those members. The second is to stick them, and the third to resemble them. In the sum of these three acts, From the diagonals of these three, is the act of development and other force separated from those parts of food after the arrival of the jewels of the members and their biography of the analogy, and the distribution of the power of birth and is the act of generation, the plant powers are those we enumerated. Then the wise of the alleged These different forces vary based on the book of the soul and spirit and explain their strengths, text, and One is not issued by only one, and of them who said that there is only one force, but it varies its actions because of the strips, in the beginning attracts and after attraction stuck, and after constipation behave types of water insulation surfaces with the effects of digestion and assignment, And it is at its disposal after the collection of the essence of the blood, the blood parts of these are added to the jewels of the original organs, and then attached to them. The force is one, but its actions vary according to its different strands and conditions. Either the animal forces are either driven or aware, It was a movement, either directly to move or to be carried on it, either directly to the wilderness Light is the forces that exist in the muscles that they can move sometimes to the attraction and sometimes to push.

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Posted Tuesday April 25, 2017 8:21 AM EST


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